We know that many dogs like to go on car rides. But do you know how to keep your dog safe inside your vehicle? Just like us, there are important guidelines for helping to better ensure your pet’s safety when out for a ride.

No Roaming: Dogs shouldn’t be allowed to romp and roam around your vehicle while you’re on the road. Not only are they a distraction for the driver, they can also experience motion sickness from the added jostling of free roaming. In general, it’s usually best to consider a car carrier that’s been specifically designed to protect your dog while she rides along with you.

Cats Need Carriers: We know – they often put up a fuss if they even SEE a carrier, but cats are almost always safer when restrained inside a carrier while riding in a vehicle. Just like dogs, free-roaming cats inside a car can be a major distraction for the driver; and the confusion of the situation can cause cats to become nervous and try and seek hiding places –like under gas and brake pedals – which can be disastrous.

Allow for Rest Stops: Just like us, our pets need breaks from long car rides. If you have a longer commute, be sure to plan for rest stops for potty breaks, sips of water, or a tasty snack.

Never Leave Pets Unattended: We wish that this would go without saying, but PLEASE never leave your pets unattended inside a vehicle.The temperature inside a vehicle can quickly reach up to 116 degrees even in 72-degree weather. At an outside temperature of 85 degrees, a vehicle can reach temperatures of up to 102 degrees within just 10 minutes! Leaving the windows cracked will NOT help to protect your pet from the irreversible damage of heat exhaustion – which is often deadly. Please avoid this tragic situation and never leave your pets alone in a parked vehicle…even for a few minutes. If you can’t bring your pet with you everywhere you’re going while you’re out and about, it’s best not to allow your pet to tag along at all.

Be sure to take precautions whenever your pets come along for a ride. Proper car safety is important for all of us!