Christmas time is around the corner, and with that comes the struggle of your tree and decorations becoming your cat’s newest target.

Choose a fake tree

Real Christmas trees are beautiful; however they can pose issues if you live with a feline. Pine needles can be very harmful to cats if they are ingested, so it can become a serious issue if your cat tends to chew on them. It is also wise to choose a smaller tree in case your cat will be planning any sneak attacks. A smaller tree is less likely to harm them if it falls and will be less for you to clean up later.

Tree Setup

When putting the tree up at the beginning of the season, wait a couple of days before putting up any décor. This will allow your cat to get used to and even become bored with the tree being in the space before putting on ornaments that can easily be damaged. Make sure that the tree is set on a sturdy base and will not easily fall over, as it is also inevitable that your cat will attempt to pounce on the giant new object in your space.


When you are decorating your tree, focus on putting ornaments more on the upper half of the tree, where it is a little bit farther from your cat’s reach. Place the tree in a spot that is far from any “launch zones”. This will, hopefully, curb your cat’s ability and urge to pounce onto the tree. Tuck the Christmas lights close to the trunk and unplug them whenever you are not supervising your cat in the space. There is a chance that your cat may chew on the wires, so this eliminates the possibility of them being electrocuted.

If you choose to put ornaments on your tree, tie your ornaments onto the tree rather than using the typical metal hooks. Not only will they stay more secure if your cat decides to mess with them, but your cat can also be injured by the hooks. It is best to just avoid them all around if possible.

Cats always keep us on our toes, and the Christmas season is no exception! This holiday season, decorate how you want while keeping an environment where your cat is free to play without harm!


Photo by Jessica Lewis Creative