Did you know that Xylitol, which is deadly for dogs is also called Birch Sugar?

During the spring of 2021, we posted an Easter blog that reviewed a number of tips to help keep pets safe during the holiday.  In our post, we cautioned dog owners not to feed their dogs anything that contains Xylitol as it can be deadly for dogs.  Please be aware that another name for Xylitol is Birch Sugar.  If you see this ingredient listed on any food item, please consider it to be potentially deadly should your dog ingest it.

Here is a review of our comment regarding Xylitol:

Xylitol (Also Called Birch Sugar):  Xylitol can be deadly for dogs.  Many candies are manufactured using Xylitol for sweetening.  While primarily used as an artificial sweetener, it can potentially be found in much of the candy that goes in your Easter basket.  Ingestion of Xylitol can cause a rapid drop in blood sugar and if untreated, can lead to liver failure and death.  If your dog is experiencing lethargy, vomiting or weakness, it could be a sign that it has ingested something containing Xylitol.  You should consider this a medical emergency and get your dog to your veterinarian as quickly as possible.

The use of Xylitol is much more prevalent than one might think.  In addition to many different food types (including some peanut butter brands), it can also be found in common toiletry items (including toothpaste) as well as medications and supplements.  To keep your dog safe, please get in the habit of scanning the ingredients in items that could potentially be accessible to your dog.

And don’t forget…Birch Sugar is another name for Xylitol.