Have you ever wondered if you’re doing enough for your dog’s diet? While dry food is a great base for your dog’s diet, you may want to consider adding extra nutrients to improve their health even more. Here are just a few simple things that you can add into your dog’s meals.

Digestive Enzymes

Natural enzymes are destroyed in the process of making dry kibble. Adding a digestive enzyme supplement will help to improve your dog’s gut health and overall digestibility. Putting the enzymes on top of your dog’s meal will ensure that they eat the enzymes in the first few bites, aiding in the digestion of that meal.


Raw or lightly cooked veggies in your dog’s diet provide an additional boost of antioxidants, which is an especially important addition if they are older or overweight. Raw vegetables should be finely grated or ground, so that the cellulose is broken down. There are also many vegetable supplements if raw veggies seem unrealistic.

Oils with fatty acids

An oil that is beneficial to all dogs is fish oil. Fish oil contains fatty acids that are essential to strengthening a dog’s immune system, improve allergies and arthritis, and leads to a shiny coat and healthy skin.

Meat or eggs

Adding raw or lightly cooked meat or eggs can add a natural addition of protein to your dog’s regular meals. Adding extra protein helps to reduce overall carbohydrate levels and works best for active dogs or dogs who mainly stand to lose a few pounds.

These are just a few quick additions that can be topped right on dry kibble and have the possibility to do wonders for your dog’s digestive system. If you have any questions personal to your dog, don’t be afraid to ask your vet!



Photo by Rarnie McCudden: https://www.pexels.com/photo/black-and-white-dalmatian-dog-eating-fruits-770363