Cats are absolutely fascinating!  In fact, we’re willing to bet that even if you're a huge cat lover, you may not have yet discovered all of the ways that your cat is absolutely amazing.

Here’re just a five adorably special cat traits that make them…well, cats:

-         Cats can rotate their ears 180 degrees!

-         Domestic cats spend just about 70% of their day sleeping – ah, the life!

-         The largest cat breed has males that weigh about 20 pounds, on average…some even heavier!

-         Cats can’t see directly under their noses

-         Most scientists believe that cats “meow” just to have a way to communicate with humans!

If you’ve ever been owned by a cat (yes, you read that correctly), then you know how truly terrific they are.

If you’ve got a new kitten that's coming into the family fold, be sure to visit us for a free kitten booklet. It’s filled with tips, suggestions and safety information to help you care for your new cat.

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