MORE THAN A FEELING: Dangers of Fleas

We all know that fleas are a nuisance. They create feelings of skin irritation, itching, and are just plain annoying. But, did you know that fleas can cause major health problems for your dog or cat, problems like tapeworm and anemia?

A tapeworm is actually found inside of a flea and can then grow inside your pet. We know, yuck! Tapeworms can cause anal itching and weight loss in pets which can be alarming for pet owners, but thankfully, they can usually be easily treated effectively by your veterinarian.

Tapeworms, however, aren’t the only problem that fleas bring into the lives of your pets. Flea bites can lead to anemia which can be a medical emergency for your pet. If you feel that your dog or cat may have an infestation of fleas, are seeing blood, or witness your pet relentlessly scratching,it’s important to make an appointment to see your veterinarian as soon as possible.

Fleas can be a problem, year-round, but can be especially prevalent during the spring and summer, as well as the fall season – particularly during the months of September, October, and November as the weather begins to cool and fleas begin to seek warmer living climates…like your unsuspecting dog or cat or your home.

Fleas can be dangerous for humans, too by carrying diseases;so it’s important to not allow fleas to become a problem for your pet, you, or your home.

We recommend that you keep your pet treated for fleas all throughout the year and speak with us about the most effective treatment options for your dogs and cats. New products are regularly introduced to the market and we have the experience to help you make the right decision as to the treatment that may be best suited for your pets’ specific situations.