We all know how pleasant and relaxing it can be to spend a summer day by the pool. But, just as you take pool safety seriously for children and guests,you need to be mindful of your pets around your pool. Both dogs and cats can be seriously injured or killed in pool-related accidents. Thankfully, there are some simple step that you can take to help better protect your dogs and cats around pools this summer:

·   Never leave pets unsupervised around an open pool. No matter how great of a swimmer your dog may seem, dogs (and cats) should never be left alone by a pool without a competent adult nearby.

·   There are lots of myths around dogs and cats when it comes to water. You’ll often hear that all cats hate water and that all dogs are expert swimmers. Actually, neither of these common-held beliefs are accurate. Some cats enjoy bath time or are simply fascinated with moving water. Some dogs aren’t pros at the “doggie paddle” without a little help. Never make assumptions about your pet’s attitude about water. Instead, watch your pet carefully and remember that swimming pools can be dangerous even for pets who seem to be good swimmers or comfortable around water.

·   Pay extra attention to solar and loose-fitting pool covers. These covers can deceive your pet into thinking that they’re safe to walk on which could result in your pet falling into your pool and becoming entangled or trapped under the cover.

So enjoy your pool – but always put safety first, for both you and your pet!