With the dropping temperatures as winter approaches, there are many factors to be mindful of when it comes to your dogs. Cold weather can have its effects on any pup, whether they play all day in the snow or are quickly in and out for a potty break.

Be aware on walks

Dog’s paws can often be affected by snow and ice on the ground. Ice and snow can get stuck between their toes and may require your help. In addition, make sure that their paws do not become too raw, as they can begin to crack. If your dog is seriously affected by walking outdoors in the wintertime, there are doggy boots available to ensure that they can still enjoy being outside.

Dress for the occasion

While most dogs have a thick and long coat that can keep them extremely warm in low temperatures, some dogs may require an extra layer in order to be comfortable outside in the wintertime. Grab them a sweater, coat, or vest to allow them to enjoy being outdoors in the winter as much as in the summer!

Be aware of winter chemicals

Many different chemicals are used outside and around your house in the winter to combat ice. These chemicals can be harmful to your dog, so stay alert. Do not let your dog lick salt off the sidewalk if it is sprinkled and monitor their paws to ensure that the salt is not causing any irritation or damage. Antifreeze for your cars has a sweet taste to pets, so be sure to store it in a safe place and clean up any spills immediately if necessary.

These are just a few reminders as we head into a season of cold weather. Take extra care for these few months, but most importantly enjoy the winter wonderland with your pup!



Photo by Katie Salerno: https://www.pexels.com/photo/long-coated-black-and-white-dog-on-white-snow-33273/