As the season begins to drift into autumn, it’s important to think about how the change in temperature could affect your pets. Just like we have to get ready for winter, dogs and cats should be prepared for cooler temperatures to avoid less of a dramatic transition.

There are ways that you can help:

·   During summer, you may have played with your pet outdoors while working to ensure that your dog or cat didn’t get overheated.With the weather turning cooler and daylight hours becoming fewer, your pet will likely soon be spending more time getting exercises indoors and in cooler conditions. Start taking steps now to get your pet ready for the change of routine. Consider working to gradually introduce your pet to less time outdoors and adjusted feeding and walking times.

·   Use the new season as a new opportunity for a fresh bed. We all love a nice, cozy, warm bed on winter mornings, so consider replacing worn out bedding with something snugly and fresh for your pet this fall.

·   Ask your veterinarian if your dog or cat’s diet needs to be altered as the weather turns cooler. Some pets need a little extra nutrition to keep warmer during winter months. Be sure that your pet has a well-balanced diet plan all year around.

Each season brings about new challenges – and new ways to have fun,meaningful experiences with your pet. Start planning now for the changes that are ahead and see about implementing subtle, gradual changes now so that when Old Man Winter shows up at our doorstep, both you – and your pet – feel a little more ready to welcome him in.