We have some much-awaited news to share with you!

Starting TUESDAY June 1, we will start letting clients in the building with their pets for appointments with a few COVID-related caveats.

Please see below for a few details:

1. Our waiting room will remain closed to clients waiting or picking up medications or food, for the safety of those on our staff who remain unvaccinated.

2. All medication and food pick up will continue curbside, so call us 540-433-9174, option 1 and we will be happy to directly to your car.

3. For appointments, you may still elect to have car-side service if you are uncomfortable with coming into the building.

4. Wearing a mask at all times in the building and during interactions with our staff is required and non-negotiable. This helps to protect you, our staff, and other clients in the early days of easing restrictions.

5. Only ONE (1) person is allowed to accompany your pet into the building. This helps us maintain social distancing requirements. If you have small children or other dependents with you, we will still be glad to provide car-side services.

6. Please continue to call us upon arrival and wait outside of the building with your pet until an assistant or veterinary technician comes to escort you to an exam room. Upon entering, we as you to use the touchless hand sanitizing station in the lobby.

7. Given existing VDH social distancing requirements, while we will complete the exam in the exam rooms with you, we kindly ask you to maintain as much distance as possible from our staff and doctors while in the rooms. As we had before the pandemic started, we will still complete procedures like blood draws, anal gland expressions, etc., in our treatment area where we have staff available to help.

Please be patient with us as changing to accommodate new regulations will likely present some unforeseen challenges in work flow. We'd love your suggestions on how to make this "soft opening" better as you experience it over the next few days.

We are very much looking forward to having you back in our hospital and can't wait to actually meet some of our clients face to face for the first time!